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Welcome to the website of Purbi Singhbhum District of Jharkhand

About Flora & Fauna

The hillocks on the plateau mostly form part of the dolerite dykes that run criss-cross all over the plateau. They are very low and in chains. Their top boulders are exposed. The thin soil has scrubs and bushes, chiefly some chasmophytes

The hills fringing the central plateau are granitic in nature, low and covered with a few small trees or are completely barren. Lantana and other exotic weeds are seen. The wooded hillocks show sal or a mixed forest of deciduous species or bamboo.

All such lands as are too far from towns and villages or are protected from grazing and cutting are followed by Anona squamosa, Eugenia species, Palms, Gynnosporia montana and Butea mono sperma, ultimately leading to a pioneer monsoon forest. Cultivated fields surrounding isolated villages, which are located mostly near the roads and railways, occupy the major part of the plateau.

The northern and western faces of the hills are covered over with almost pure stands of sal and other species described in the chapter on forest.

As the railway lines and roads have been taken to the most distant parts for easy exploitation of mineral resources, numerous railway stations and townships have sprung up, near which there has been much cutting of forest and grazing. In such areas are seen combretum decandrum, Acacia species, bamboo, neem, holarrhena, Flacourtia, woodfordia, Phoenix acaulis and Lygodium species and Lantana camara, croton sparsiflours, cassia species and hyptis suaveolens near the fringes

In the Dhalbhum area the forests are mainly on the open ridges and in the undulating valleys and belong mainly to the reserved and protected types. The forests are very dense and contain tall trees both evergreen and deciduous standing close together and bearing lots of mistletoes, orchids and other epiphytes and thick undergrowth. The trees have mentioned before. Some of the hill tops barren due to exploitation for minerals.