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Welcome to the website of Purbi Singhbhum District of Jharkhand

About the Folk Art(Conti..)


Tribals are very fond of ornaments all over the world. So the tribal of this area inherently use various types of ornaments, like the ornaments made of bead, precious stones metals like gold and silver. Design is very simple like their art. Moal a rounded pipe of silver on feed, flats waste girt, spiral silver wires on wrist and arm, wide variety of necklace, ear ring etc

Metal Work

Besides agricultural implements, hunting tools and weapons are the product by the blacksmith. The Malhar and Thentri communities are expertise in metal casting, mainly producing house wares. Malhar are nomadic but the Thentris are settle amidst the tribes in the district.


In the area weapon art is not much conventional but very common and similar to the primitive people. The black smiths produce all required tools and weapons for agriculture and safety

Stone Carving

Even a few years back the tradition of stone carving was alive. Some families who were well skilled are not showing up any more, only few artisan are seen in the district

Wooden Work

The Jharkhand region was also known as Jungle Mahal because of its dense forest which is inherent. The forest is rich with quality wood and the wood is used for producing the equipment required in housing, farming, fishing etc. for survival. The artisans of some villages went a step ahead and have explored creativity as well in their art, like beautifully decorative door panels, toys, boxes, and other household articles. Chhuthar, the carpenter community is engaged in this trade. Others are also skilled in this trade