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Welcome to the website of Purbi Singhbhum District of Jharkhand

About the Health Department

East Singhbhum is one of the major district in terms of accessibility of health services as people from surrounding districts visit to avail medical facilities, but these facilities are limited to the affluent class and to the employees of the industrial houses. The condition of rural areas are not encouraging due to existence of hard to reach areas. To ensure progress of any district it is important to ensure that its people have access to adequate health infrastructure and services. Currently 9 PHCs, 16 APHCs and 242 HSCs are functioning in the district.

The existence of sahiya has extended the health services and at the same time the village health and sanitation committees have been formed and are functional. At the other end the Mamta Vahan facilities are tagged with all the panchayats and they are being used during the transportaion of patients to the PHCs.The institutional delivery has increased considerably in all PHCs due to regular follow up and IEC. The Infrastructure and man power support would further increrase the health indicators of the district. Overall the district is moving in a progressive trend to achieve the health objectives under NRHM.

List Of Medical Officers ,East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur

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