About the Education Department

At a glance

No. of Primary School: 1344

No. of Middle School:576

No. of High School: 88

Primary Education

District Superintendent of Education (DSE) looks after the primary education system in the district. The DSE operates from the district level office and primarily looks after the major functions, such as
Monitoring and Supervision
Fund Flow

The key responsibilities of the education department are

  1.  Monitoring of primary school to ensure quality of education and management of Mid-day meal programme
  2.  To monitor the school teachers presence and infrastructure
  3. To ensure timely supply of fund-flow and other materials
  4. To monitor the effectiveness of School Management Committee (SMCs)
  5. Responsible to organize teacher’s training as per the need.

Secondary Education

District Education Officer (DEO) looks after the Secondary Education system in the district. The DEO operates from the district level office and looks after the major functions of secondary education, such as

  1. Access to good quality education for 14-18 years of children

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