Subdivision & Blocks

From the administrative point of view this district has been divided into two Sub-Division Dhalbhum and Ghatshila.The district consists of eleven blocks namely Golmuri-cum-Jugsalai(Jamshedpur), Potka, Patamda and Boram in Dhalbhum Sub-Division and Ghatshila, Musabani, Dumaria, Baharagora, Dhalbhumgarh, Chakulia and Gurabandha in Ghatshila Sub-Division.

Sub Division Blocks
Dhalbhum 1. Golmuri-cum-Jugsalai
2. Patamda
3. Boram
4. Potka
Ghatshila 5. Dhalbhumgarh
6. Ghatshila
7. Musabani
8. Dumaria
9. Chakulia
10. Baharagora
11. Gurabanda