Under section-37 of The BOARD MISCELENIOUS RULE, 1958 State Government has constituted seven sections in Collectorate office from the effect of 2nd January 1958 along with The Revenue Section. The main objectives of Revenue Section are to monitor and collect land revenue. This section is a backbone and source of State Government to generate and collect the revenue, to be utilized for development of State.  This section also deals with transfer/settlement/ lease of Government Land and monitors the execution of Tenancy & other Revenue Laws within jurisdiction of District.
In Present scenario, there are many cases occurred or came before District Administration regarding encroachment of Government land as well as illegal transfer of tribal land. To stop such illegal possession of Government or Tribal land, this section has setup a Special Task Force consisting of Circle Officer, Jamshedpur and Police Inspector, P.C.R, Jamshedpur. The Functions of  Task Force are monitored by Additional Supdt. of Police, East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur and Sub Divisional Magistrate, Dhalbhum, Jamshedpur.

The main subjects of Revenue Section are:-

  1. Execute the Land Reform Laws
  2. Execution of C.N.T Act, 1908
  3. Collection of Land Revenue (Salami, Rent & Cess)
  4. Khasmahal
  5. Settlement / Lease of Govt. Land
  6. Establishment of Circle Inspector/ Revenue Karamchari
  7. Sairat
  8. Disaster Management
  9. Mutation
  10. Monitor the function of Halka, Circle office and L.R office of District.