General Notice

General Notice
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List of eligible/ineligible candidates for One Stop Centre- Sakchi, East Singhbhum

Social Welfare Department

13/01/2024 24/01/2024 View (185 KB) Center administrator (705 KB) Case worker (500 KB) Consultant (689 KB) Security Guard (442 KB) Multipurpose Assistant (512 KB) Information Technology Worker (2 MB)
List of eligible/ineligible candidates for Observation Home- East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur

Social Welfare Department

16/01/2024 24/01/2024 View (193 KB) Householder (2 MB) Probation officer (1 MB) Consultancy (1 MB) Para Medical Worker (144 KB)
Very short term tender for the various works from contractors registered in appropriate category.

NREP, Jamshedpur, East Singhbhum

12/01/2024 22/01/2024 View (826 KB)
Short term tender notice for purchase from Gem

District Social Welfare Department

08/01/2024 19/01/2024 View (821 KB)
In view of the arrival of the Honorable Chief Minister in East Singhbhum district, very short term tender invitation notice for providing certain materials on rent at the event venue.

Nazarat Section, East Singhbhum

12/01/2024 18/01/2024 View (1 MB)
General notice (Aam Suchna ) for special brief revision program of voter list with photo.

District Election Department

27/10/2023 05/01/2024 View (651 KB)
District Survey Report for River bed Sand Mining

District Mining Department, East Singhbhum

26/12/2022 31/12/2023 View (10 MB) DSR-SAND-2 (6 MB) DSR-SAND-3 (7 MB) CADASTAL-MAP (2 MB)
Details of the medicines purchased under the Animal Dispensary and Veterinary Hospital scheme, In the financial year 2022-23.

Animal Husbandry Department,


18/05/2023 31/12/2023 View (2 MB) Hospital wise Medicine (9 MB) Supplier and Manufacture (3 MB)
Important notice about Establishment and operation of integrated public grievance management system (PGMS)

District Planning Department

07/06/2023 31/12/2023 View (1 MB)
Order for Polling station Name Change

District election office

18/10/2023 31/12/2023 View (330 KB)